Droplet on a blade of Cuban grass

What we do

In 2006 the Cuban government prioritised the development of a new and more sustainable energy sector, this dynamic and revolutionary move has inspired a whole series of innovations that are helping Cuba ensure a low carbon and energy secure society. 

The Cuban government have increased its development and production of renewable energy resources, including biomass, biogas, small-scale hydroelectric and solar power. Havana Energy is working as part of the ‘Energy Revolution’ initiative to help the entire 3,000 MW Cuban grid to renewable generation technologies. This project will play a vital role in helping Cuba increase its renewable energy generation for further growth.

The strategy also diversifies energy sources, while making it easier to ultimately change to alternative sources of energy in the future, such as those produced more locally and sustainably. 

Find out how Havana Energy are developing biomass energy and hydro energy in Cuba.